Trincheira do Campo (Terras de Bouro)

Terras de Bouro . Portugal
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From the medieval period, near the XXIX mile, there are indelible vestiges of the Trincheira do Campo that during this historical period served as a defense of the Portuguese streak of hostile invasions. According to the Inquiries of 1258, the people of Campo do Gerês had the obligation to defend the Portela do Homem. This obligation has been maintained throughout the centuries, this mountain people having successfully resisted all the assumptions of the invading peoples, mainly due to their rude and indomitable courage, but also to the exceptional geographical configuration of the territory. In the vicinity of the Trincheira do Campo are ruins of a structure identified as the House of Parts that served as a welcome for men and military garrisons.
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Trincheira do Campo (Terras de Bouro)
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